{yes, it’s green beans!}

Coffee beans in their natural state, ready to be roasted to your perfection.

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Handy Coffee Roaster $69

Handy Roaster - Stovetop/Pan  Coffee Roaster

* Condition : Brand new, High quality.

* Brand : Dr.Mahn

* Product : Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

* Material : Body - Stainless steel 304(18-8) / Handle - Oakwood

* Size : 405mm(Total length) / 50mm(Height) / 180mm(Handle) / 225mm(The bottom Of The Stainless Diameter)

* Capacity : 150~200g

* You can also roast nuts

* Caution
- Please always be careful about burns and any other accident by using oven mitts when you roasting.
- After using the product in a heated state, do not immerse in cold water suddenly.
- Do not get the grip touch with water as possible.

* Made in Korea

1. Prepare green bean and put them in the roaster.
2. Roast bean controlling distance from heat.
3. Check the color of coffee bean during heating.
4. You can see the peeled sliver skin from the green bean.
5. After finishing roasting, make roasted coffee bean cool down as soon as possible.

Sale price: AU$69.00