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Coffee beans in their natural state, ready to be roasted to your perfection.

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Aeropress Filters - pack of 350 $6

(Can be used in Aeropress or 6-8 cups Yama Cold drips)


Two thousand filters use about as much paper as one city newspaper, so you needn't feel guilty about discarding filters. But you can also re-use each filter many times just by brushing it off under running water. The choice is up to you. When re-using a filter, remove the plunger and twist the cap containing the wet filter onto the chamber. This will keep it flat as it dries and you'll be ready for the next pressing. We included a year’s supply of micro-filters with your AeroPress so you are set for a long time. When you need more filters, visit your local coffee retailer or visit www.aerobie.com.au for information about retailers that sell AeroPress micro-filters. 

Sale price: AU$6.00