{yes, it’s green beans!}

Coffee beans in their natural state, ready to be roasted to your perfection.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Dumerso Gr 1 - Naturals $21

Mill – Kebel Dumerso Cheleba                                                               Owners – Surafel Birhanu Coffee Suppliers

Producers – Approx 700 farmers
Altitude – 1800 – 2000 masl.
Preparation – Natural
Varietal – Mixed heirloom
Expect intense fruity strawberry aromatics, beautiful ripe sweetness, a creamy, winey body and funky fruit  finish.
Yirgacheffe is often described as one of the finest coffee producing regions in Ethiopia and some argue the world. The Dumerso coffee is a superb example of some of the more dynamic and unusual flavour profiles to be found within the region.
This coffee has been processed naturally, meaning that the outer pulp of the coffee cherry has remained on the bean while it dries. Ripe cherries delivered to mill, where cherries are graded and then placed onto raised drying beds in thin layers and turned every 2-3 hours in the first few days, to avoid over-fermentation and mould growth. 6-8 weeks later, depending on weather and temperature, the beans are hulled.
A result of the natural processing is an intensity of fruit flavours and a creamy body. This beautifully processed, challenging coffee. A coffee that really challenges perceptions of what coffee can taste of.

Equally suited to a filter or espresso roast. 


Sale price: AU$21.00