{yes, it’s green beans!}

Coffee beans in their natural state, ready to be roasted to your perfection.

India Tiger Mountain A $16

Country:  India

Region:  Baba Budan Giris

Variety:  Arabica - Typica A Grade

Processing:  Sundried, Washed

Flavours:  Full bodied and herby, with milk chocolate and hazelnut, with toasty caramel finish. Q 83.50

Coffee was introduced into India around the late 1600’s and was grown in the hills of the Baba Budan Giris region. Nowadays, coffee production in India is concentrated around the southern highlands of Malabar, Karnataka and Madras.

Indian coffees are among the most unique in the world, which is due in part to the intense humidity that is uncommon in other coffee growing regions. Another unique quality of Indian coffee is that it is often shade grown.

The Baba Budan region is named after a 17th Century Sufi who smuggled coffee into India from Yemen, introducing coffee to India. One of the smoothest India coffees around, Tiger Mountain has all the unique qualities of Indian coffees, perfectly balanced in this delicious cup.


Sale price: AU$16.00