{yes, it’s green beans!}

Coffee beans in their natural state, ready to be roasted to your perfection.

Monte Alegre Estate - Fully Washed $16.50

Varietal: Acaiá Bourbon Catucaí Mundo Novo 
Processing: Fully Washed 
Altitude: 900 to 1,200m 
Owner: José Francisco Pereira 
Town/City: Alfenas Region: Sul de Minas Gerais 

In the cup you can expect lovely nutty chocolate with a red fruit (strawberries/cherry and raspberry). All in all, a delicious coffee that's as super an espresso as it is a filter. 

The estate produces natural (60%), pulped natural (10%), and fully washed (30%). This coffee's fully washed. 

The washed coffees are processed in the traditional way, with full wet fermentation in clear mountain water. 

The estate processes and exports its own coffees. Dry coffee is stored in wooden lined silos to be hulled shortly before shipment. Size screening, density separation and colour sorting are all carried out on the farm. Dry cherry and parchment coffee are stored in 44 wooden silos in mild temperatures and low air moisture. Coffee is only hulled and further processed immediately before shipment. 

Monte Alegre is a fully sustainable business that employs an average of 750 people, 35% of whom live on the farm. The work force has full medical assistance, with a resident doctor, nurse, and safety engineer. All families living on the farm have electricity, running water, school for young children, and free transport for older children to attend school in town. All employees have access to on-farm playgrounds and sports facilities, freedom to join labour unions and all of the civil rights enjoyed by urban workers. Personal protection equipment is provided to all workers performing risky tasks. 

Monte Alegre pays wages above the regional average. On-the-job training is permanent for workers at all levels. The estate is a fully sustainable business in all aspects: environmental, social, and economic. Concern for sustainability and coffee quality pervade all activities from farming to trading. 


Sale price: AU$16.50