{yes, it’s green beans!}

Coffee beans in their natural state, ready to be roasted to your perfection.

Ethiopia Guji Sidamo Shakiso - Natural $21

Origin Ethiopia 

Region Sidamo 

Altitude 1600-2200mtrs 

Varietal Mixed Heirloom Ethiopian 

Q Cupped at 88. Very fruity, floral and tropical aroma, strawberry, cherry, candied fruits, clean mouthfeel, big body, long sweet finish

Guji is a province in the southern part of Ethiopia, with the city of Awasa its capitol as of 1978. We source our Guji coffees through a network of relationships with cooperatives and farmer groups that each year present us with an incredible bouquet of natural and unwashed coffees. Almost all of these coffees are grown at elevations between 1600-2200mtrs above sea level. Generally, coffees in Guji are harvested between October and February with the subsequent shipping period commencing from April (at the earliest) through to about September each year.

This coffee is grown in the Oromia region, one of Ethiopian’s largest specialty coffee growing producers. Specifically, the mill is located in Shakisso (Guji zone), which is in the Southern and less-know part of Oromia.


Sale price: AU$21.00