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Costa Rica El Beneficio Don Mayo Estate - Yellow Honey $19

Country : Costa Rica              Farm : El Beneficio, Don Mayo Estate.

Farmer : Hector Bonillo          Region : San Jose, San Marcos, Bajo Canet, TARRAZU

Altitude : 1693 masl                Varietal : Yellow Caturra

Harvest: Dec/Jan 13/14          Processing: Honey     Awards : 2009 Cup of Excellence winner.

Cupping Score : 87.5              Total Estate Production : 200 bags

Cupping notes : Dried fruits, maple syrup/toffee flavours with a cocoa base. Definitive sweetness, full body and well balanced.

Another magnificent coffee from the amazing Don Mayo Estate and Mill. The name "Don Mayo" is in memory of Mr. Amado Bonilla Valverde, father of the owner’s, and Ismael Solís Castro better known as “Abuelo Mayo” by his relatives. “Abuelo Mayo” was the husband of Mrs. María Solís Moreno and grandfather of owner’s. Both of them were called “Mayo.” The property where the mill is located was owned by "Abuelo Mayo."

Both of these men were looked up to as long life examples of hard work and as great achievers. They taught their children to see the coffee as their profession since they were pioneers in the coffee activity in Zona de los Santos.



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