{yes, it’s green beans!}

Coffee beans in their natural state, ready to be roasted to your perfection.

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Hot Top Roaster KN-8828P-2 $1850

KN-8828P-2 at a glance...

(2kgs of green bean included)

An automated roasting solution which provides a very goodroasted result

  • 250-300g roast capacity
  • All programming is done before the roast commences for peace of mind during the roast
  • Nine memory locations for saving roast profiles
  • Very easy to edit, copy and paste existing programs
  • Limited program editing options once roast has commenced
  • No proportional heater control makes fine roast control very difficult if partial heater power is required (e.g. 50%)
  • Control system does not 'look ahead' which can lead to overshoot of setpoint and heater complete shut-off for 2-3 minutes while it recovers
  • full comparison of the features of each roaster can be found on Hottop USA's website..

Sale price: AU$1 850.00


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