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Coffee beans in their natural state, ready to be roasted to your perfection.

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Cascara - Costa Rica Las Lajas - 250g $8.50

We recommend brewing 25g  cascara to 250ml water just off the boil. Give it a few stirs. Let sit in your French press or teapot for a few minutes and serve. Also makes a fantastic iced tea with a dash of lemon juice.

 Las Lajas is located in Sabanilla de Alajuela in the Central Valley, on the slopes of the astonishing Poas Volcano. The farm belongs to the Chacon Cubillo family, who have been producing specialty coffee for over 80 years. Their farm is a leader in environmentally sustainable coffee farming practices.

They are the 4th generation of their family working the Las Lajas farm. This is the 10th year that they have been farming their land using 100% organic practices. The switch to organic farming wasn’t easy. During the process they saw a significant decrease in coffee yield—in the third year after going organic, production decreased by 80%! This is a major issue for farmers whose living is based on the amount of coffee cherries their farm produces.

Even with this decrease in production, they remained committed to focusing on quality production methods and safe agricultural practices. After a few years of downturn during the transition, the organic practices, like fertilizing the coffee trees with coffee cherry pulp, began to take hold and coffee production has increased. Hopefully they keep holding onto some of the cherry pulp to keep up with the growing demand for their beautiful cascara.

Sale price: AU$8.50