{yes, it’s green beans!}

Coffee beans in their natural state, ready to be roasted to your perfection.

Coffee Roasters Australia - Starter Pack 30kg

6 different origins with different attributes.  A great selection to start roasting and blending.A starter pack for roasters, in conjuction with Coffee Roasters Australia. (beans may change, depending on the time of year)

5kg  Indonesian Sumatran Mandheling Blue Batak – Wet HulledThese Sumatran beans benefit from a higher altitude that produces a brightness in the cup and complexities unique to this region. Sweet syrupy characters, good cup qualities and great complexities are prominent. Full body with a complex mouthfeel.

5kg Colombian Bachue Supremo – Fully WashedThe 'Bachue' bean is grown in regions around Bogota in the Central Andean Mountain region, with a high altitude and temperate climate. The bean has brightness and good complexity, an aroma that is intense, with notes of nut and dried berries. This is a coffee that is smooth and rich with lasting flavours.

5kg Ethiopian Sidamo Mormosa Plantation  - Natural or Dry ProcessedAn excellent bean of high complexity, heavily fruited sweet candy preserves, with cinnamon and clove spiced flavours and aromas. This is a very lively coffee, with inherent 'stand-alone' qualities

5kg Guatemalan Antigua Los Volcanes – Fully WashedThis is a complex Antigua, produced in rich volcanic soils and with near-perfect temperate climate. This microclimate produces a coffee with crisp sparkling acidity and full body, with intense flavour characteristics.

5kg Brazil Daterra Estate Sunrise – Pulped NaturalAn exciting rich pulped natural bean, offering large overall complexities that make 'Sunrise' the perfect base for refined espressos. Overall reaction is a highly balanced bean with a fruity and fragrant complex aftertaste.

5kg PNG Kimel Estate Grade A – Fully WashedPNG biggest Plantation. Light/medium body with good acidity. Balanced chocolate and malt notes with a honey sweet finish.


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